4 Years In and I Couldn’t Be Happier

Yes you read it right. Today it is 4 years to the day that I first stumbled upon the online world of business. It only seems like yesterday that I was searching the online business section on eBay and looking for a way out of the job that was paying my bills but was NOT providing me with the happiness and freedom I had always been looking for.

And although it took quite a while before I was making enough money to go full-time and quit my job, I can honestly say that it was the best decision I ever made and I could not be happier right now! :)

And to celebrate this significant date in my life  I would like to offer my readers one of my signature products that made it all so possible just over a year ago.

Build your eBiz with Resale Rights and PLR was the very first product I created and is still to date my BEST SELLING product online. It has also helped many others create an online business for themselves and give up their day jobs just like I did.

So as of today I am giving you the chance to get your hands on my best selling product: Build your eBiz with resale Rights and PLR at a massive 60% Discount off the normal price!

This offer will only last for the next 72 Hours  so please don’t delay in taking advantage. Remember, as always I am here to support you and answer any questions you might have.

Good Luck!

To Receive Your 6 Day Product Creation Crash Course, Sign Up In The Boxes and I Will Email Your Course Straight Out To You!
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5 Responses to “4 Years In and I Couldn’t Be Happier”

  1. Hi Steve,

    That’s a great offer you’re offering to your subscribers! You really know how to give back.
    It’s a great product at a great price!

    Best regards,
    George Nieves

    Reply From Steve

    Hi George,

    Thanks very much for the kind words. It was really nice to get to a point in my IM journey where I can give something back to my followers and subscribers – some of them got a fantastic deal. I will more than likely be running more of these kinds of promotions sometime in the very near future.

    All the best,

  2. Hi Steve,
    It’s people like you that are true inspirations for me. My story is similar to yours, and I am sure a lot of other people share a similar story too.
    I am determined to make it “online” and I simply won’t give up…ever.

    Yours is a great story Steve and I am so happy that you are now making a fulltime living on the net…a true information entrepreneur!

    I’ll be following in your footsteps!
    Congratulations and thanks for the continuing inspiration!

    Reply From Steve

    Hi Kathy,

    Thanks for stopping by – it’s always a pleaure to have you here. It is also truely heart-warming to here that I have been an inspiration to you so thank you so much. I really believe that if someone wants something badly enough then they can make it happen. I wanted for years so desperatly to run my own business and although I didn’t realise at first that it would be an online business, I can honestly say that I couldn’t be happier now that I have made it happen.

    Keep going and never lose focus and you can have all that you want!

    All the best,
    Steve :)

  3. Hi Steve, great deal. You have done very good for your self, all the best to you. Thank you for helping people reach success with your product. Everyone out there should know it is a very good home study course that can truly get results. Terry Conti

    Reply From Steve

    Hi Terry,

    Thanks for stopping by. It’s really nice to offer something back to my readers and subscribers and I’m thrilled so many took advantage of my offer. :)


  4. Steve, I have seen a bit of Nick before this but he never ceases to amaze me with his upbeat, positive and encouraging attitude.

    He makes a good life-coach by making us realise that we already have all that we need to do pretty much anything we set out minds to.


  5. Hi Steve, congratulations to you for achieving your dream.

    Like Kathy said, you’re an insperation to us that are still struggling to make it happen. I’m on the right road though, i know i am, i’m sure i am, I’m H.A.P.P.Y.

    Only 3 years behind you Steve

    Take care, Barry

    Reply From Steve

    Hi Barry,

    Thank you for your kind comments. Just concentrate on your goals, never give up and you can acheive anything!


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