I haven’t done anything today!

Now I’m sure that sounds really bad from a guy who runs his own online business from home and with it being a Monday which is the beginning of the working week, but please allow me to explain.

You see it is now 6PM here in the UK and I have realised I haven’t actually done any of the tasks I normally complete on a daily basis, such as:

  • Working on my latest online product
  • Adding follow-ups to my auto-responder series.
  • Creating articles that drive traffic to my websites.
  • Creating videos for the membership I’m developing.
  • And so on and so on….

Yes that’s right I have barely touched a key on my laptop all day! So I sat and I thought to myself, what have I actually done today?

And as it turns out I have done quite a lot and something that will potentially prove very profitable. The thing is I woke up this morning and I thought to myself; ”right Steve it’s time to get organised” because you see I tend to sit at my laptop day after day plugging away creating new income streams and building my online business, but I never seem to do it with any real focus or priority.

So this morning I dusted off my whiteboards (there was a lot of dust on them as I have barely used them since they were purchased) and started mapping out my priorities and my business objectives so I have a clear and decisive plan of what I need too achieve and by when.

Click the image below to enlarge and view my handy work:

So although I didn’t spend much time on my laptop today, I actually feel like I had the most productive day ever and now have a clear and consise plan of how I can enhance and expand my business, and this was all done by emptying out my thoughts onto a large whiteboard where I can check back daily to see my progress.

I guess my message here is that it’s not always what we put into a working day but what we take out of it as well! Sometimes we need to take a step back from our businesses and evaluate how we can keep moving forward!

By the way on this very productive Monday I also mapped out how I can earn an additional $75,000 a year from a new business venture I am entering into, but ill fill you in on that in my next post: Expanding My Online Business, so keep your eyes peeled and if you are on my mailing list you get priority updates for when it goes live so feel to join by providing your details at the top of my blog.

Speak soon!

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7 Responses to “I haven’t done anything today!”

  1. Wicked post Steve!

    I really thought for a second you might have had a really crappy day and decided to do nothing today. ;)

    Your absolutely right though, sometimes it is best to take a step back and evaluate where our onlines businesses are heading and what we can do to improve and expand them.

    Can’t wait to here about this new business vernture your entering into, I’m on your list so will keep my eyes peeled for your mail.

    All the best – Glenn.

  2. Steven Wilkins on August 23rd, 2010 at 6:16 pm

    Reply From Steve

    Hi Glenn,

    exactly, sometimes we feel as online business men and women that we need to be glued to our PC’s and laptops at all times but sometimes the best ideas come to us when we have time and space to think. There are so many distractions online that a break away from the PC can do us all the world of good. As for my new business venture I will be in touch soon but it certainly is exciting times :)


  3. Hi Steve –

    Good for you! I think that somethines I get stuck in a rut and the best thing to do is … nothing. It gives my brain the chance to figure out what I should be doing and maybe come up with a few novel linking ideas. Sometimes we get so busy working at our business that we forget to work on our business…

    Susan Owen-Thursfield @ Natural Stress Relief Tips recently posted..Why Should Stress Relief Never Be Free

  4. Hi Steve

    Sometimes I like to work offline, with absolutely no internet connection or online distractions.

    It can be really productive like you said, glad you got your plans all set now.

    Once you know what your aiming for, it’s much easier to achieve them.

    Sally :)
    Sally @ blog hopping queen recently posted..Writing Testimonials Benefit You Too

  5. Reply From Steve

    Hi Susan,

    thats right sometimes we just need to take a step back and analyse where our business is going and how we can enhance it.


  6. Reply From Steve

    Hi Sally,

    thanks for your kind comments, I make sure I take at least 1 working day a week now and spend it working offline on new ideas and strategies for my business, it really helps me keep focus.


  7. Sometimes I feel my schedule are not organized well and I feel not better because it seems that I didn’t finished any task.
    Hasham from Sell Property Fast recently posted..How To Sell Property Fast In Uk

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