What’s stopping you from making money online? Part 1

It can be so frustrating. You spend hours every day working on your home business, trying to make a decent living online, to give up your depressing day job or perhaps to make a little extra money to supplement your current income.

You receive dozens of emails everyday telling you how easy this online income stuff is and how you can stuff your pockets full of cash within just 24 hours, but it has now been 3,4,6, perhaps 12 months and you have barely made a bean!

You scratch your head and wonder, do others really make the thousands of dollars they say they do or is this business just one big scam. I mean why haven’t I made this kind of money yet? And where do I go now?

If you were anything like me at the beginning, you probably started your online business full of hope and aspirations. You probably thought that finally you would be free of your nagging boss, strict mon-fri timetable, commuting to work and having just enough money to cover your monthly expenses.

Then if you carried on like I did in the first few months, you probably started to feel that all was not quite right in the online business world. You may like I did, have followed the advice of an expert or as they are more widely know now , a ” GURU”.

He/she probably told you to find your niche and create a product, which you did and followed their instructions through to a T. You then probably tried driving traffic your new product/website. The kind of traffic that moves pretty damn slowly and usually veers off on the wrong junction to someone else’s bloody product! Excuse my language there, I am simply venting the same frustrations that I once shared.

And to be honest a lot of these frustrations were actually the cause of my own making. You see running an online business is not quite as simple and straight forward as everyone makes out. First off it takes a hell of a  lot of discipline, something I thought I had in abundance but was proved wrong very quickly.

So if you do any of the following, especially at the beginning of your working day, then you may to be a little undisciplined just as I once was;

Do you:

- Check all your email accounts when your first turn on your PC at the beginning of your working day?

I am talking about logging into the separate email accounts you have, to check emails from friends, email promotions from lists you have subscribed too and reply to personal emails

- Check your social media sites, such as Facebook, Twitter, Myspace, and the countless others you may be a member of?

Like me you are probably checking to see that people still love you and perhaps check your friends status updates, sound familiar? ;)

- Check your vendor accounts, this may be your Clickbank account or Paydotcom account, basically anywhere you either receive commissions for products you promote or sell.

I did this literally everyday in the morning at the beginning, and although I knew deep down that there probably wasn’t any real notable transactions or payments inside these accounts I just still had to check them.

-Check the local or national news updates, perhaps the ones located on google’s/hotmail’s homepage? Or perhaps the sports news , fellas?

So why am I listing these down anyway?  Well if your anything like me, in the beginning you will be distracting yourself with most of the items on the list. You see when we begin to work from home for ourselves, we no longer have anyone looking over us, making sure we stick to our work schedules, take our breaks at the appropriate times etc etc

We are solely responsible for our own dedication and progress. Now for some this can be relatively easy, most who start an online business are extremely motivated, but what happens when the forecasted sales don’t start to roll in and we start to lose that motivation?

Please read Part 2 ABOVE to see how we can overcome some of the distractions that stop us from making our online dreams a reality…..

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3 Responses to “What’s stopping you from making money online? Part 1”

  1. You are so right, Steve, it is very easy to become distracted. Follow a link and spend the rest of the day on a site that has nothing to do with anything – but it’s soooo interesting!

    Enjoy the journey.


    Reply From Steve

    Hi Mandy,

    Yes this was the reason for the post really. I have spent countless wasted hours checking emails, clicking links and getting no real work of my own done. I have now broken free of that repetative trap and hope to help others do the same.


  2. Hi Steve,

    Man, you have me down to a T. I have easily been so distracted with email & everything else. I often find that I have accomplished nothing throughout the day. It has turned into a vicious cycle.
    I have to break out of this rut.
    I look forward to reading Part Two of this post.

    Best regards,
    George Nieves

    Reply From Steve

    Hi George,

    Thanks for stoping by. It can indeed lead to a very vicious cycle in which you do the same thing every day and get very little work done as you mentioned.

    The best way to make a change is to take ACTION! I decided, that was what I needed to do and now get far more out of my working day. Best of luck!


  3. Excellent advice for anyone to follow Steve. My downfall has been Internet Chess sites, but I’m happy to say that my chess rating has now dropped – because I’m spending more time on my business! :-)


    Reply From Steve

    Glad to hear it John, keep up the good work :)


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